Eskimo Rolling

Elements of the Eskimo Roll

Overcome the urge to wet exit in the event of a capsize, add to your kayak skills set and learn to roll your kayak in a controlled setting. A bomb-proof roll is a fundamental skill for the whitewater boater and a great confidence booster for the sea kayaker encountering rough water conditions.

Following the skill building approach, each participant will learn and practice proper wet exit techniques.

Types of rolls introduced will include the C-to-C and Sweep. The elements of each roll will be introduced and practiced in a progressive approach: the setup (getting into position to begin the roll); the support phase (using a paddle, hands or float for support on the water) and; the hip snap (bringing the boat underneath you to sit upright and completing the roll).

This skill can be accomplished using a properly outfitted whitewater or sea kayak. Recreational style boats lack the proper kayaker to boat contact points (thigh braces; hip pads) that allow for rolling to be accomplished.

Current Offerings

* Cost Per Person
Date Program (click for info) Venue, Location Time Fee*
Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 Eskimo Rolling Union Ave Community Fitness, New Windsor Union Ave Community Fitness Center 03:30 PM to
05:30 PM
$90. per person

Learning to kayak safely, effectively and efficiently is best done with the help of a qualified instructor. The lead instructors for River Connection Kayak Instructional Courses are American Canoe Association (ACA) Certified Instructors.

Skills development courses are worth months of just paddling around. After your course, get out and practice your strokes. If you are interested in sightseeing and going places, consider one of our guided Kayak Tours.

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