Beyond the Basics


Go Beyond the Basics
with Heeling & Edging the Kayak

Build on the basics and gain confidence with this advanced kayak skill building clinic.

Following the skill building approach, each participant will learn and practice proper wet exit techniques. Once this skill is accomplished, basic propulsion and maneuvering strokes will be reviewed and practiced including: forward stroke, back (stop); sweep stroke; draw stroke; sculling draw and; low and high braces.

More advanced maneuvering strokes such as bow and stern rudders; low-brace turns and a-beams will be introduced and practiced.

The course also includes a review of equipment and kayak rescue techniques.

Current Offerings

We do not have this program in our upcoming schedule.
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Learning to kayak safely, effectively and efficiently is best done with the help of a qualified instructor. The lead instructors for River Connection Kayak Instructional Courses are American Canoe Association (ACA) Certified Instructors.

Skills development courses are worth months of just paddling around. After your course, get out and practice your strokes. If you are interested in sightseeing and going places, consider one of our guided Kayak Tours.

We put together a FAQ for our guided tours and instructional programs that answers most of the common questions we receive about these programs. If you need additional information or make a reservation, please Call our showroom at 845.229.0595.