Guided Kayak Tour: Stockport Creek


Stockport Creek
Hudson River

The Stockport Flats comprise nearly five miles of shoreline, marshes, islands and peninsulas, most of which are accessible primarily by boat. The Stockport Flats reserve is a five-mile, narrow mosaic of landforms including: Nutten Hook (a bedrock outcropping); Gays Point and Stockport Middle Ground Island (dredge features); Stockport Creek. The Stockport Flats encompass 1543 acres and are dominated by freshwater tidal wetlands including subtidal shallows; intertidal mudflats; intertidal shores; tidal marshes and floodplain swamps.

Part of the Hudson River Islands State Park, the Flats are considered an important spawning and/or nursery ground for a variety of freshwater fish species.

Launch: Public launch at Stockport Creek, located west off Route 9 to Station Road (County Route 22), just north of the bridge over Stockport Creek. Park well away from the tracks and park clear of the ramp area. Weather and water conditions will dictate a mid-tour landing point.

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