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Make an Informed Decision and
Try Before You Buy

We want you to find the boat that fits and meets your paddling needs. We take great pride in helping you select the kayak or canoe that is just right for you. We are firm believers that you must paddle a craft before you buy it. We offer several demo programs to help with your selection or to just figure out if the sport is something for you.

Throughout the paddling season the River Connection offers Try Before You Buy Kayak Demo Days. Come join the River Connection Instructors and try out a variety of kayaks, canoes and SUP from manufacturers such as P&H, North Shore Kayaks, Valley Sea Kayaks, Lincoln Kayaks, Venture Kayaks, Feel Free Kayaks. We have a large fleet and have a fleet boat for virtually every model we carry in our retail showroom.

Maybe you are looking for a Paddle? No worries, we have a superior selection and variety of Werner, Mitchell and Saltwood paddles that you demo during these events. Find the proper paddle fit and blade type for your paddling style.

We have our own Boathouse on the Hudson River, with a harbor so it is as simple as calling to reserve a space to learn what makes the right kayak, canoe, SUP or paddle choice for you.

Current Offerings

We also offer a private Test Paddle Program for individuals, couples or families. Scheduling a Test Paddle is a great alternative if you are interested in a more private consultation. Prior to the Test Paddle, we help you select up to three kayaks based on fit and your specific paddling needs. We then take these selections and try them out, yup, we actually mean getting the boat wet. One of our instructors will accompany you and teach you some tricks along the way. Please call us at 845.229.0595 to learn more about the River Connection Test Paddle Program.

We do not have this program in our upcoming schedule.
Please call 845.229.0595 to arrange a private or group program.


ManufacturerModelLengthMaterial of ConstructionColorOptions
Impex KayaksAssateague17 ft 10 inFiberglassWhite Deck / White Hull / Design #3skeg
Impex KayaksAssateague17 ft 10 inInfused KevlarYellow Deck / Yellow Hull / Design #3skeg
P&H Sea KayaksCetus HV17 ft 10 inFiberglassOrange Deck / Lt Gray Seam / White Hullskeg (standard) / FG keel strip
P&H Sea KayaksCetus HV17 ft 10 inCarbon KevlarLt Green Deck / Lt Grey Seam / White Hullskeg (standard) / kevlar keel strip
P&H Sea KayaksCetus LV17 ft 5 inCarbon KevlarSignal Red Deck / White Seam / White Hullskeg (standard) / keel strip
P&H Sea KayaksCetus MV17 ft 9 inCarbon KevlarPoppy Red Deck / White Seam / White Hullskeg (standard) / keel strip
P&H Sea KayaksCetus MV17 ft 9 inFiberglassOrange Deck / Orange Seam / White Hullskeg (standard) / keel strip
LincolnChebeague14 ftCarbonLime Deck / White Seam / White Hullskeg
Feel Free KayaksCorona13 ft 1 inPolyTropicalwheel in the keel (std)
P&H Sea KayaksDelphin 15515 ft 5 inCoreliteOrangeskeg (standard)
Venture KayaksIslay 14 LV13 ft 9 inPolyYellowskeg
Lincoln KayaksIsle Au Haut17ft 2inKevlarYellow Deck / White Seam/ White Hullskeg (standard)
Venture KayaksJura HV16ft 6inPolyYellowskudder
Impex KayaksMystic14 ftFiberglassWhite Deck / Yellow Seam / White Hullskeg
Impex KayaksMystic14 ftFiberglassOrange Bow / White Aft / Design #1skeg
Impex KayaksMystic14 ftInfused KevlarLt Blue Bow / White Aft / Design #1skeg
P&H Sea KayaksScorpio LV16 ft 7 inCoreliteYellowskeg (standard)
P&H Sea KayaksScorpio MV16 ft 11 inCoreliteYellowskeg
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Please call our showroom at 845.229.0595 if you do not see a specific model, we may have that model available for test paddle and it is just not showing up on this list yet.

Learning to kayak safely, effectively and efficiently is best done with the help of a qualified instructor. The lead instructors for River Connection Kayak Instructional Courses are American Canoe Association (ACA) Certified Instructors.

Skills development courses are worth months of just paddling around. After your course, get out and practice your strokes. If you are interested in sightseeing and going places, consider one of our guided Kayak Tours.

We put together a FAQ for our guided tours and instructional programs that answers most of the common questions we receive about these programs. If you need additional information or make a reservation, please Call our showroom at 845.229.0595.