North Shore Sea Kayaks

Established in the early eighties North Shore has always been a company happy to plot its own course. The company strives to develop and produce innovative yet practical designs thoroughly tested in real world conditions, by real world paddlers.
North Shore takes great pride in producing kayaks that excel in function, performance, comfort, workmanship, beauty and quality.

We specialize in helping you find the right boat. One of our founding principles is that you can’t buy a boat without trying the boat. We have various tryout options to fit your needs. We are widely known for our test paddle program; full fleet demo events and; ability to tryout a kayak out during one of our programs. We typically have at least one of every model in our fleet for tryout purposes so you can be confident that your choice is the correct one.

For more information about each of the kayaks follow the links; but please do call, we like to talk boats !

Models (click for more information)

North Shore Atlantic LV

Atlantic LV

Atlantic LV

Length: 15 feet 11 inches
Width: 22 inches
Cockpit Size: 19.25 x 31 inches
Hatch: front; rear and day
Outfitting: skeg
Volume: 72.5 gallons / 275 liters
Materials: Fiberglass (weight = 47 pounds)

North Shore Atlantic



Length: 16 feet 11 inches
Width: 22 inches
Cockpit Size: 19.25 x 31 inches
Hatch: front; rear and day
Outfitting: skeg
Volume: 95 gallons / 360 liters
Materials: Fiberglass (weight = 54 pounds)


Ocean 17


Length: 17 feet
Width: 21 5/8 inches
Cockpit Size: 15.75 x 30.75 inches
Hatch: front; rear, day & deck
Outfitting: skeg
Volume: 93.3 gallons / 353 liters
Materials: Fiberglass (weight = 55 pounds)


ManufacturerModelLengthMaterial of ConstructionColorOptions
NorthShoreAspect14ft 10inPolyYellowskeg (standard)
NorthShoreAspect14ft 10inPolyRedskeg (standard)
NorthShoreAspect LV14ft 3inPolyYellowskeg (standard)
NorthShoreAspect LV14ft 3inPolyRedskeg (standard)
NorthShoreAtlantic16 ft 11 inFiberglassYellow Deck / Yellow Seam / White Hullskeg (standard)
NorthShoreAtlantic LV15 ft 11 inFiberglassOrange Deck / Orange Seam / White Hullskeg (standard)
NorthShoreOcean 1717ftFiberglassGolden Yellow Deck / Golden Yellow Seam / White Hullskeg (standard)
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All North Shore Sea Kayaks come with a full spectrum of options as standard features. Please Call for current pricing.